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A Funny Mah Jongg Cocktail Napkins - Set of 1

Whether you win or lose, Mah Jongg is definitely a lot of laughs. 
These sayings are just a few that can be made. To give as a fun gift, personalize your napkins to your friends’ favorite sayings. 
In my group, my favorite Mah Jongg saying comes from my friend, Muriel! 
“Just discard!!! You’re not going to win anyway!” 🤣

Here are other funny sayings;
*I don’t always play Mah Jongg, sometimes I sleep  

*Never say, “it’s just a quarter, to any Mah Jongg LOSER!

* it’s all about having fun, unless I don’t Mahj!

*make mine a “Mahj - Tina”

*if you can’t play nice, play Mah Jongg

*I only play Mah Jongg on days that end with “Y”

Surprise your Mahj friends with a gift of their favorite saying. 
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